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Congrats, Warner Bros. You got me.

So I already made a blog post about this whole situation where I was mature and rational but that is a separate post. This is going to be a rant post.

So fucking congratulations Warner Bros. My brother and I bought it, we wasted$35 dollars at Hot Topic for two of your shitty t-shirts. Congrats, you sellout asshats, you got what you wanted.

Frankly, I'm disgusted that you used MCR's name and our hope to make a quick buck. If the songs that re supposedly on this anniversary edition are worth two shits, then they would've released them back in 2006, but they didn't.

This is all a scam to get

It Was Worth It

Just saying me and my old MCR buddies reconnected, got nostalgic and there was so much bants on Twitter and Facebook. Am I crying in my bed? Probably. But hey, there's still something happening.

I just hope they all get to a point in their lives where if they feel a reunion is the best thing for them (emphasis on the them) then they do it. I don't think it will happen but the guys live on as amazing talented individuals with new projects for us to look forward to as happy, healthy people.

We can't be selfish, they gave the fans so much for so many years. I'm just so happy I was a part of it.

fuck off warner bros

All of the members are happy doing their own thing. Gerard with his comics, Ray with his new music, Mikey with Electric Century, and Frank with Death Spells. Sure, im still sad about the breakup and continue to listen to MCR every single day, but as long as the band members are happy with their current lives, im happy. Its not the bands fault at all for this. Its warner bros fault. Giving us false hope and shit. I just gotta say one thing: STOP REOPENING THE FUCKING WOUND. WE'RE ALREADY HURT FROM THE PAST AND YOU DONT NEED TO BREAK US MORE

Dashed Against the Rocks Once Again

It's 2016. I had essentially given up on hearing anything out of MCR ever again, at least as a group. So you can imagine the pure excitement and joy when I watched the teaser trailer. My hopes swelled up in the thought of possibly hearing new music from my favorite band, or even getting to see them live one day. I'd already reblogged tons on tumblr posts on theories and hopes for the new release date. When I woke up today and saw the note on the MCROfficial account, my hopes felt like they'd been dashed against the rocks once again.

I understand that the band ended for a reason, and I'm very

Virtual Eye Roll

Completely demolishing my heart just wasn't good enough the first time, I guess.
(I am not blaming it on any one of the band members.)
I think that the update could have been presented in a completely different way. Although the video is beautiful, it is just much too misleading.
I honestly think that WB might have just been trying to release a heartfelt video for the new release, but I don't think they expected the response we gave them. I, personally, would donate a kidney to see these fuckers tour. That's how deep my love and dedication to this band runs. I was so fucking excited.