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h e l p

what is going on?? I am lost in this bandom, therefore I am lost in life...


For those of you getting impatient, Gerard tweeted: 'In a half hour I'm going on twitter til Sunday night. Everyone be well and have a great weekend! Shh!' so that could mean there is an announcement tonight!


oK i'm really confused and excited at the same time, new copyright, 2001-2013 was deleted from the twitter bio, and the BREAK UP LETTER was deleted, holy shit. I mean, this has to mean something. Oh god, I really hope it does.

Y'all need to chill

Guys, I want MCR to get back together as much as the next guy does, but you're all blowing this shit out of proportion. I know that some of you have next to no lives outside of this fandom (trust me, I went through this stage of the fandom-there are more out there for you to obsess over, don't worry), but you guys need to do some more looking into things and really think about them before you start freaking out.

1. Just because the band broke up, doesn't mean they aren't still friends with each other.

May 16th?

So I was looking into the rumors circulating about a possible reunion and says he will be in Russia the day before... so it sounds like this might all just be hopefully rumors. :(