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final destination part 2

if youre going to have a final destination marothon start with number 5 then watch 1-4
if not that tell me how much your mind is blown after watching them 1-5 hahaha

it's 1AM, its 2AM, its 4 in the morneh-hen

Actually, its closer to 5 now here. Ughhh, what a night!

Well, I will spare the details...and, now of course, I forget what I DID want to say aboutit. Oh! Just to Ibroughtyoumybullets, I guess I sorta feel the same way as you..although replace boyfriend with hubby...and well, I hope it doesn't get to the hubby part...but...but yeah, people are just...well, they are justthe worst sometimes! And the shitty thing is, some are just the absolute best and yet, put the two together and well, the worst people tend to ruin it all! I...idk. who knows, maybe I am the worst!

Thesis Is Coming

So, finally today i have a day off from college, from my organization-agenda. I feel so good, to be in hot pants and loose shirt, no make up, and listening to my favorite musics and doing nonsense on the internet.

So, this week end would be 23th September 2016. Aren't you guys excited? Well, no matter what would happen on that day, i can't wait to feel again the are still exist, even if it's just a re-released special album editon. Well, gonna put my eye liner on!

So, i almost in the end of my education in college, i'm working on my thesis right, i guess


Hello, this is my first blog entry. i hope everyone's having a great day. i'm excited to see Frank again soon as well as all my friends. It's gonna be great

So long

Hey guys :) How are you?

It's been a long time since I last posted. I had some free time today and decided to check in. I miss this. Tbh I got discouraged of posting a few months ago because no one was replying, but maybe I'll start again. It'll help me ranting and just writting anything. You don't need to read my thoughts xD Though you are invited to, and comments are welcomed <3

What's new? I've started college. I'm studying a degree on Communication and Digital Media. So far it's been very good. A bit stressing and heavy at times, but I'm enjoying it. I don't really know what else to say.