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It's Almost Halloween


I've started to think about the lovely holiday of Halloween. I'm not quite sure what to go as this year. I thought about being a member of the Black Parade, but I'm not sure if that's quite what I want to be. It's cool, but will it be too cliche? Should I go with scary this year? It just seems that every year I'm a pretty non threatening character like a cool sorcerer or a Jedi which can get kind of stagnant and overdone. I'll have to debate over this subject for the next 700,000 years. (I'm over exaggerating, but you get my point.)

Also, where I live, it doesn't feel like fall yet.

Sick fiatc reference

i have really bad stomachaches.
the only good thing is that i can go up to my friend and point at my stomach and say "Sick FIATC reference bruh"

We Are Powerful.

I've had a lot of time to think about us as a community. I don't think we give ourselves the credit we deserve.

We put in so much work for these bands, for these people that we love so much. When we put our minds to it, we are more powerful than we think. We create these armies that are impenetrable, and it's through our music that we speak. We don't have to scream, Gerard does it for us. We don't have to run and throw a fit, Frank does that.

We are strong. Ad we need to remember that.

You'll see more from me in the weeks and years to come.


Rather Fed Up...

I bottled it. I couldnt bring myself to ask her.
Damn. Back to twenty one pilots and Ice cream
Salutations. wait does that mean goodbye?


Why does everything love-wise link together in some way?

I thought I'd start off by saying that I just love Living With Ghosts! If the songs on there were fully edited, I think I could of worked as its own proper album. At the moment, I'm only listening to my CD because I managed to break my new earphones by snapping of the left earphone wire. No joke, it snapped right off. They were only cheap temporary ones anyway. It just makes music sound weird without it because I have half the sounds. They only lasted a week or two and a bit. Now, on to the day.

Got the bus, got to school. My friend was on about asking someone out. Okay. First lesson, French.