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4 years on the site

Hey everyone!
Yesterday was my four year anniversary of signing up for this site. I couldn't blog yesterday because my phone was being weird.
Still not sure when I'll get out of treatment.
I'm bored
Been playing MCR on guitar
Love you guys!

My Email on this site doesn't work

Hey y'all my email doesn't work on this site so if you want to contact me do so on KIK


Or my personal Email cuz I forget to check this site sometimes.


Heyyy I'm back! It's been so long! So much has happened but I'm too lazy to explain. Out of all days I come back on march 22. Oh well. I'm expecting a lot of sadness on the blogs today but I want to see a change in that. Frank was pretty uplifting with all his comments and that made me smile. I'm really happy to see that the guys are busy with what they want to do. Gerard's writing his dream comic, Frank has his new music and tour (excellent album btw), Miley has a BABY ON THE WAY (SO HAPPY), and Ray made an album and is doing to recording for others. It's really great to see them thriving.

4 years

Hey lovelies
I'm in residential (again) and I haven't posted in ages. I thought the four year anniversary of the split would be a good time to come back.
We're watching high School musical two now.
I miss MCR. I miss my friends I've met in this site because its hard to get in touch with them since I have limited tech time and therefore it's hard to reach them and fit their time zones.
We listened to Danger Days in the group room today. That was nice. And another kid and myself wore MCR shirts. I'm not as obsessed with chem but I still love them and am greatful​ for all they have done for me.


I would like a internet friend because I'm antisocial. Soooo my twitter is @_Weirdo5678_ . So ya... dm me...
Or dm me even if your bored.
Oh it's also right here--->