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hi :)
sorry i was away fir a while, but i was in my final exams, but now i'm done with school and i'm already in winter vacations
also, my school will takes us to New York, so if someone lives there it would be nice to meet :)
also i uploaded a new video and im plamning on readion all the books that i couldnt because of school :/
anyway, how have you been?


How About A Positive Note

Donuts exist! And they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, powdered, creamed, coated, and naked! I'm currently sitting here with a big ol' bag of powdered donuts myself and a cup of mostly empty and verging on cold coffee. I hope everyone on here is doing okay <3 I've missed this community a lot. So much has been going on in life and I'm glad to still be alive. This is my last year of high school too! and I'm 18 already! My boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary this week ^=^ I've come so far in my relationships now from where they used to be when I started on this blog.
I'm not

I think I'm alright

Hey Fellas!
How are you doing today? School was so stressful. I had three class Tests in a row. Politics, history and biology. And I am terryfied about the results. I Need luck!!
I joined the theatre Club in August and at first I was kinda scared to be bullied cause I would be so bad at acting. But honestly, I love acting and the People who are in the Club. Two days ago I texted a 19 year old guy of the Club and I told him that I am afraid. And he was so Kind!!

I know it's a short blog but I am a bit busy right now and there is no more Information.

So Long and goodnight

Miss My Chemical Romance

I really want MCR to get back together or even start hanging together because I miss seeing them all together creating music which makes us all feel something, I really do miss seeing them in magazines and on TV