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I'm so so happy, every track is beautiful in it's own way.

What's your guy's favorite? Mine has to be All The Angels.


For today being the MCRX release day, this site is pretty quiet. It's kinda scary. Twitter is freaking out though.....Hope everyone enjoyed today!


happy mcrx day!

Yeah, that's all I have to say.

Once upon a time...

Hey guys!

It's really been a while. But I'm glad to be back :D
There's a lot to say about the months I didn't post anything here, most importantly the MCRX thing... but I'm done with heartbreak for now and I will need some time before I can appreciate Living With Ghots.
ANYWAYS - I need you help:( somebody? Anybody? Please?

The thing is I'm totally stuck in something I'd call writer's block or rather creativity block... You see, I used to write songs. Just for myself, occasionally I'd perform them for really close friends.