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Honestly I think Conventional Weapons is so underrated! It's so amazing and all the songs have great lyrics. LOVE CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS!!!


Live on YouNow please come watch me and ask me questions!! I want to talk with youz about the MCRz and stuffles <3


I am really hating school right now. For two reasons. A, because of all the bullying going on, and B, because of our stupid schedule.
This stupid app, I'm not going to say it's name because I don't want to perpetuate it, is ruining people's lives. It's basically a 100% anonymous app where you select your campus and are able to take videos or post messages and comment on them.

Cekpremi Bantu Klaim Asuransi mobil Lebih Mudah

Perlu diakui, kesadaran yang dimiliki oleh sebagian masyarakat di Indonesia terbilang masih sangat rendah, bisa kita lihat banyaknya orang yang masih suka membuang sampah sembarangan, menerobos antrian, paling tidak kesadaran untuk keselamatan diri sendiripun masih sangat rendah. Tidak banyak orang Indonesia yang mengerti akan manfaat dari sebuah perusahaan asuransi.

Masyarakat Indonesia masih beranggapan ikut asuransi akan hanya membebani hidupnya atau justru berpikir ribet dan repot untuk terdaftar sebagai nasabah asuransi.

I don't know what I'm doing with my life...

I feel bad (again). Actually, I feel bad for a few time. It's mostly because of school, my grades are not famous, I don't have any motimation and I can't find how get it, I don't know which studies I will do (I don't know if I'm enough smart to do some study...) I feel like a stupid girl who do anything good.