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frank in aus & bus crash

so last week on the 12th i saw frank iero and the patience in Melbourne, Australia. it was wild, i waited in line for 15 hours and there was no barrier so frank was just... in front of me? just there? it was wonderful. it was a real punk basement show and i met him again for the second time this year and he wrote out my tattoo! I just, it was the best concert i've been to so far, yet there is a sad memory attached to it.

the next day after i saw the guys, they got in a bus accident in Sydney.


I started this blog when I was 11.
Now I'm sending my application forms to universities.

Time has passed.

Remember Zone 6?

money. its in my hands. not down my pants.

So Mushroom just posted a blog on my Tumblr, you should check it out )
And, as well, I finally read G's break up letter with the fans back in 13 was it? And I know it was really famous and, like, quoted and stuff, and, like, it was so fucking hilarious! I can't stop.
And I'm really proud of Gerard and Frankie and no one else in that band.
And, of course, mama is one of my all time favourite songs and very impressive live. It something I'm always replaying on my dj YouTube playlist hahahaha
Love you bitches byyyyyyye!

Lol Hi!!!

So I'm back yay... Um anything new with u guys?? Oh with me I've stared to like no love a lot more bands and fall into their fandoms... Oh I love undertale now.... Ya... Oh and I love Dan and Phil!!! Or just YouTube in general.... :) Sooooo... Oh ya MCRX happened that was sad yet cool. Lol we blew up the internet seconds after that video... Oh and sadly, Frank got in a car crash but is alive and well.... Yay!

i want to

theres no one to truley stop me..... he wont do it i give up,,, dont hate me