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knowat i did today?

Da i found lots of modeling picture of Baby Shakes my KITTEEEENNNZ!

And um I really like it because i promised and even tho Im always busy, I still have tto play with baby shakes on the internetz



Google it.


I assidentally made a remix of the bureau and ghost of you and it just sounds lovely,,,


I am failing this semester

Hey there. How is life going?

Hi again :)

Hello everyone! :D That was to enthusiastic...
Anyway, hi :) It has passed a lot of time since I posted my last blog (or I feel it that way) I was dealing with some issues, and I had to say goodbye for a while, but now I'm back :) I'm still having some troubles with myself, but I can handle things better now.
I've done so much things since I left, so I have lots to say :)
I just wanted to say hi, I missed you all, new and old members if the MCRmy, so see you around ;)