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on September 13, 2017 - 6:25am

Good Morning everyone well I hope it is. It's 8:26 am where I am right now. I just wanted to say hi and I hope everyone has a good day. I know there's a lot that can happen in a day, trust me anxiety never let's me not know, but let's ignore that. Today I work from 5-10 only five hours so it ain't bad. I'm gonna have updates like 2 or 3 times a day just so I could be here. This is the MCR website. It's basically everything to me now. We need MCR back but Gerard makes comic books now. I wanna read them really bad. Well that's it for now I'll see you all later :)

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on September 12, 2017 - 7:02pm

Hi! I hope you're having a nice day
I've been practicing more how to draw animals because it's something that I rarely draw and I just created a big-eyed otter :)
I'm happy to see that more people started posting again and joining in the community, so hi to all of you :)
I guess that's all I wanted to say hehe


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on September 12, 2017 - 3:59pm

Can someone tell me how to send a friend request on here

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on September 12, 2017 - 1:38pm

So today was "dynamic duo day" at Eastside ... typically, someone would dress up as Tom (the cat) or Jerry (the mouse) or... Gerard Way or Frank Iero ...

My friend, Jon and I ... wore a sign around our necks that said, "anxiety" and "depression."
(I made the signs at about 6 AM this morning so I feel pretty damn accomplished!)

Let me just say, a lot of people were ... intrigued. I believe about three to four people took a picture of us and about five more related emotionally. I thought it was hilarious to watch all of the teachers look down at the sign around my neck in confusion, like:

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Stupid People in School

on September 12, 2017 - 12:00pm

Hey Fellas,
Now I am a part of the MCR Community and it feels good. I like reading other Blogs and leaving comments. It is cool that I can find People here who have the same tastes of Music. MCR!!! I go to a good german school and my classmates are very nice. They're helping me all the time because I'm new at our school. The school in Germany started five weeks ago. And I was going to another school last year. The people at this School were...They were not so nice. (Sorry about my bad grammar.