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School Talent show

Hey everyone. So as you probably guessed from the title, my school is having a talent show. There was a talent show last year and I really just took part cuz I was guilted into it by my music teacher because I can play the violin. But this year I decided I'm gonna sing and play the guitar, and do the talent show properly instead of just doing it because someone else wants me to. Also I'm not really into playing the violin anymore. It's just not for me I guess.
So I decided I'm gonna sing the song 'Today' by the Smashing Pumpkins, which is one of my favourite songs and it's really easy to


I'm a HUGE fan of MCR! It's honestly odd I haven't come across this page till today.... :] But I know I lied about my age I'm only 14 so I didn't know if there was an age limit... Well Anyways... Sup.

7 year aniversary

Well today marks 7 years since I found out about this site. Loool. Funny thing is when I found out about it I was in High School as a Senior. I would log in on my school's computer's ( funny it wasn't blocked by the firewall).

Well I hope everyone has a good day and all.


I'm fairly new to the MCR fandom, should I give bullets a listen?

Frank Interviews are just the BEST!!! Mentions MCR and the fans!! :D

Another share. Does anyone else like watch as many of these as they can?? I just love, well, I love a good interview in general, but I just really like these Frank ones, and this interviewer is pretty good too. (I'm a little biased, I like listening to the English accent...guess I like listening to Frank's accent too tbh.) Anyway, if you haven't seen/listened, I would highly recommend. Our fandom, our still enthusiastic and large fandom is mentioned...ok, I need to finish it still. Eeek!!! haha Always turns me into a schoolgirl. I love being part of something so big!