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This is getting old

Guys this is getting really old. I have had enough of the rumors. If they are getting back together, awesome. And if they don't, it is their choice. I don't want 9/10 posts to be about them coming back or not. I would like to talk about something else because this is getting quite annoying. So please, we`ve had enough.
-Quinifer : )


I just recently got really into this band, and obviously some crazy good news has been going around so I signed up to make sure I was staying up with things. So hello everyone! :)

can we talk about something else?!

All this rumors talk is starting to grind on me, its not happening.
Please just chillax.
Cant we discuss something else? like if you were a chocolate bar or candy what you be and why?
Any new music i need to listen to at the moment?
And any other people from the UK going to watch the eclipse on Friday morning? its going to be awesome!!
hope everyone is well :-)

Safe to call it

After everything, I'm calling a reunion announcement on Sunday. It's happening. They're back. The Killjoys are alive and well.


warner brothers


MCR is on the warner brothers website as being signed with them. this has to mean something!

sorry this is my second post in like.. 30 seconds haha.