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guys, seriously. stop getting your hopes up, because we all know it isn't going to happen.
they're also busy and happy with their solo stuff, guys. it wouldn't make sense for mcr to get back together.


Quiero creer que es verdad que vuelven a estar juntos, juro que me levante esta mañana y en las redes sociales vi que hablaban de un regreso de MyChem espero por dios sea así, juro que ahora estoy extremadamente con las emociones de punta!!. Pero igual voy a tomar esto con calma y esperar una respuesta de ustedes para saber y estar segura y no crear iluciones. LOS AMO!!

What the hell is happening?!

Can somebody PLEASE tell me what's going on?! I need to know what's happening. I'm hearing so many different stories right now and I'm so freaking confused!

and all my messages to...

if we were chatting at all, please throw me a message, because i dont remember how to spell all your names and what not. and my inbox has been cleared...piss

Please help.

Does anyone know what's going on? could someone fill me in on what's happening? i know the copyright symbol has been updated and the breakup notice has been removed and there's a bunch of news from someone saying that they're a mod (which i haven't noticed before).
someone please tell me any other stuff that's been happening??