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Possibly a reunion tour? If they're not back together i'd still take anything they gave us at this point


I cry, I can't breath and eat. I wanna jump. Oh my fucking God. What the hell is going on?! If it is only joke, my heart will break for amen.
Sorry for my English [*]


im lit


Okay. So this is big. I think that there will be a tour for sure. However I don't think there is a big chance that MCR will be getting back together. Although they did delete there break up post. So my mind is at a blank, and I'm getting butterflys.

Hour Five Motherfucker

I'm literally five hours into MCR binge listening, stress/excitement eating M & M's cause that's all I can eat with these new wires in, and I've FINALLY stopped crying. My skeleton gloves can't wipe away anymore tears otherwise I'm afraid they'll fall apart on me. I'm hoping I'm not the only one who's a blubbering mess right now. Anyone else out there reacting the same as me?