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pleaaase don't bother the guys

the whole MCRX thing wasn't on them, so please don't spam them with hate tweets/comments/whatever. I know it sucks, but theres no need to be an asshole about it.
Much love,
-Audrey J

Looking for the best gift ever for my ex "stepdaughter"

I don't know if anyone even reads these but it's worth a shot.

Very long story short...last month I left my long term boyfriend. After putting up with a lot of abuse towards myself and my 4 year old daughter I packed us up and moved across the country as far as I could. Unfortunately I left behind a teenage girl, his daughter, who I considered my own. She was away the weekend we left because I didn't want her witnessing his actions. Her birthday is next month and I want to get her something amazing so she knows I haven't forgotten about her and never will.

Remember To:

Give an enormous "F*CK YOU" to Warner Bros. Records! Oh cruel trickery, thou heartless b*tch. Remember, Never Let Them Take the Light Behind Your Eyes, even if they tear your heart out, stomp on it, and leave you begging for more :)



Just a friendly reminder that "mcrx" had nothing to do with the guys. It was a publicity stunt / pathetic con by that horse shit, Warner Bros. Please, do not tweet Gee about it or Mikey, Frankie, and Ray. Be kind to them because this is not their fault. Warner Bros is making money off My Chem's name at the expense of this fandom. If you have something to say, say it to the record company. They have a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page. Just don't make any threats, that will get you in trouble.

I hope you're holding up despite all this fuckery. Love to you all <3.

'upcoming tour'

it always says that. like last year it said that.