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You guys seem to like this so......

Yo, I'm Ryan. I have issues.

Today, I have a little tale from the battlefield of life for all of you. This story holds an expendable place in my black, swollen heart (Of course this means that it isn't that cool).

Let us begin.

And so, the story begins with a little emo gremlin (me) about to enter his hovel after a long and tedious day at school. Ryan's sweet mother is always ready to embrace me when i open the door and smell the odor of exquisite meals. However this time.... this time, I am greeted by a note on the front door. The note read:

"Ryan, I need a dress for an event in a few days.

will get a tattoo in august

im pretty excited to get this tattoo
today i was at the tattoo studio to talk about the wish tattoo and the artist said he will do it and i have now an appointment on 11 august :)

oh the tattoo artist is an american living in luxembourg

so exciting to get it! it will be my first one


It's just one of these days...

That I'm extra p i s s e d at people,without any good reason.You know what i mean?When you want to punch somebody in the face,just because they breathe too loudly.But then you blog about it on the MCR community section and it goes away :p
-Have a nice day,killjoys!


[quote]"He wanted to sleep, he wanted to shout, he wanted a burger, he wanted to leave, he wanted to yell at Mikey for dragging him to school, he wanted to take a bath, he wanted to see Frank again, he wanted to get his bag back, he wanted to strangle someone, he wanted to just disappear… but he was too tired to do any of those so he just sighed and didn’t move.

He’ll think of another escape plan when he gets his strength back."[quote]

~ some stuff from the fic I'm currently working on


hey everyone i hope you all have a good day! im in music history right now. I'm so glad tomorrow is friday.