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Advanced Chemistry

You know it'll be a good year in science when for a non-definition of bonding you write "A chemical romance" and the teacher writes a smiley face

Mushroom Blogg

So I haf this tumblr account, Mr Siberia, which I am shur you are well aware of. Today I rilly rilly rilly rilly rilly rilly wanna do the blog from Mushroom that I was blogging about. Talking is like blogging. Why in my world, talking is like blogging and looking is like posting picshurs. So this tumbl is going to be really good and all about different mushrooms and the ones that I find and how they are, and maybe they will say hai, but really we all know that you wanna hear from my sister, Mushroom. She feeds the oracle. I am shur you have met the oracle. She's a round. Understood? Good!

test dulu aza

test dulu aza


I've never really been on here before, so hi! Oh, and just in case: Ich spreche Deutsch und English, Deutsch... nicht zu gut. Anyway, I figured now is the perfect time seeing as though it's nearing Halloween. My favorite holiday, of course. Halloween just makes me so happy sometimes, you know? I get to really spend time with my old friends, look like an idiot, stuff like that. And based on where I live, late October-ish is when it first starts to snow, which is THE BOMB because I love winter. Halloween is all together just a cool day.

Oh, I might periodically make night time thoughts about

Long time no see

hi killjoy? long time no post here, miss u guys very well
how's your day?