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Hey everyone! I'm new here and just wanted to make a quick post :)

Freaking Facebook

So their page just posted something and nostalgia is hitting me.... Imma cry in this corner excuse.... *sobs*


I'm bleeding.
The blood forms droplets that fall from my eye lashes.
The blood spills from my ears.
I spew chunks of congealed blood from my lungs.
I'm Bleeding.

My brain now swims in a skull full of blood.
Blood collects under my nails.
Dried blood covers by bed.
It's mine.
I'm bleeding.

My knuckles collide with your skin.
They are now covered in a layer of blood.

You are bleeding.

Stop bleeding.

Hello Everyone!!!!!

How is everyone? I hope you are all amazing. I'm kind of struggling in Chemistry. I took an honors class because the counsler said that it's the same as regular but with an extra project. I'm not as smart as everyone else, and I feel stupid most of the time. Oh well. Otherwise, I'm great! I'm so thankful for tutorial because it allows me to be able to go to sleep sooner. I can't wait for fall break though... school makes you wake up so early. I feel like if the sun isn't up, you shouldn't be.

So long and goodnight,

Your problematic Fave

I'd just like to thank Cheriselynn and msunevershouldeverknow for their words because they've helped quite a bit. But it's definitely a change from the way things were. I hope if anyone finds themselves in the same situation you are able to cut the bad people out of your life.
Here's to good things ahead of us:)