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It's Different Here

On the 25th, I will have been active on this site for 2 years. About a week ago, the site said the community page was unavailable. It's back, but this is not what the site, my home, once was...
There is so much drama and theories now. Let's tackle two easy ones.
See on the very bottom of the site? where it says copy write 2015 my chemical romance? The copy write is changed when the web page has been updated or changed. After the community page crashed, they had to update or change the site to bring it up. I'm not computer expert, but that seems to be the case.
As for the tour page saying

chilllll <3

Listen, no one actually knows what's happening so don't put each other down by telling everyone that the rumours are false, and stop pressuring the band members into confessing. I'm obviously desperate for it to happen, but just be happy that all of the members are happy! :)

what's the verdict, My Chemical Romance?

Are any of the band members going to speak up about the entire situation?
Are we supposed to move on and forget about everything that happened the past few days?
I couldn't stop thinking about everything that's happening right now it has been on my mind since yesterday and hasn't left since.
I feel like we should at least get an explanation for all this...

These rumors are killing me!!!

These rumors are killing me! I really pray to god they are coming back! #weNeedMCR


Look alive Sunshine.

No one knows what's going anymore. I'm not spreading rumors, but I've heard so many that I don't know what to believe.

The best thing I can say to all you confused but hopeful Killjoys out there is this.

Keep hope. Because the only hope for us is them.

I believe I speak for all of us when I say that we love My Chemical Romance no matter they are here or not. They will forever lie in our bulletproof hearts for the bulletproof future.

But the majority still want you back.

We love you.

Don't lose hope, Killjoys. Never stop making noise. That's the best we can do.