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What is this sorcery?

I am literally flipping out!!! I was so heartbroken when they broke up? So is it a reunion? A 'best of-' album! Why can't they just tell us something!!!


Despite what many people are saying, 9/23/16 is not the anniversary of TBP. The "X" in the new logo, however, most likely does represent the number 10 in roman numerals (because as we all know, it's the 10 year anniversary for TBP this year). I've been constantly thinking about all of this, and I still have no idea what they're planning. The date isn't connected to anything that they've done (as far as I'm aware), no birthdays/album release dates/music videos.

The Black Parade

Entertainment Weekly confirmed it is only a reissue of The Black Parade. Oh well, sign me up.


I literally just sneezed and my mom screamed at me to shut up about MCRX already

I'm dead


When this is a comeback could you also come to austria!PLEASE!!!!