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darcy darcy darcy

So, it just occurred to me, watching the 66 tapes a few minutes ago, that darcy wretsky want really a bad person at all. Which is strange because when I was younger I like her. And these are from the mid ninetees before she went cuku. And Im like, if I were telepathic I would tell her now to gimme the crack and let me force feed it to james thru is eyes. Because if she needed a cure for some sickness, then he was obviously not it, nor qualified to give it to her. I would tell her all about my sisters Mushroom, Poppy, Holy, Bella Donna and Aspen, and the little one Valerie.


I rilly rilly rilly always wanted to play guitari, bat my daddy Billy plays and hes really good, and I just don know. See, I grew up around them so I understand the sound and I can tune them and I can kinda figure out how to play bat I just really never picked one up and got past an intro from an idoru. I bought music for siamese dream and i bought i basic cords book and I enjoyed reading the siamese dream book bat i still didnt play a note. Then I got a bass.
Ok, everyone always said i would play bass. And lo and behold there are a tonne of good female bassists too!


I took the PSATs today, now my head hurts

submission going down down

so i need to tell the submisse out there to do everything because you love yourself as well, and not just for your dominante. if you do everything for dominante and not for yourselves then dominante has to do everything for you and not her. which is against her nature to do, being a dominante and then your nature is not fully expressed either. because there is an equality that you have not quite grasped