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It's Hard To Say

I'm a Lover.
'I love her.'
I hear people say that a lot.
I say it a lot.
It gets harder to say every time.
Especially when it isn't true.


i joined back in 2014 and i accidentally logged out just now and i forget my password so i just made this i hate myself why do people still post here

not that kind of girl/mcrx listening

hey so anybody else hear this?

oh oh! so "not that kindof girl" there is a reference of this in "gun" (Conventional Weapons) yeah, i am listening again now and heard it and looked up the song. :D

"now baby...isn't it crazy" (the latter part being in gun)

*currently listening to living with ghosts* :D

Frerard <3s 4 Life

Ok so I was just sitting here thinking about the history of Frerard. Cause it goes waaaaaay back in the day, and I fully understand the band dynamics shenanagans. (I been around the block but it taught me how to rock, in words of my illustrious Twin.) So I wont tell everything I know right now, bat like, the Frerard true friendship always was and will always be until the end, alright? KNOW why i say that? Cause I know a real friend when I see one. I am astute like that.


It's 5:36 am. I'm supposed to be getting up at 6 or 6:20 but can't sleep cause I'm so nervous. I have to leave at 7 am, to get to school at 7:45 am to sit the test for 6 hours.
For those of you out of the USA and don't know what the SAT's are, they're a HUGE test. SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, it's basically the test colleges use to judge you on weather or not they want you in their school. I'm looking at art school, for the most part, and for my top choice (Mass Art) the SAT is optional.