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confused frie

im so confused i need to know whats happening.

so its good for something...

all these rumors has made everyone post a blog and a shit ton of people to join.
i have been here for 5yrs plus and ive never seen activity like it, lol
They will not being getting back together guys so everyone please chill your beans.
hope everyone has had a good day :-)

What is going on?

So I just joined this site mainly because of what's been going on. Can someone clear it up for me? Thanks. ^.^

what the hells going on??

Killjoys make some noise.

Okay, could someone please enlighten me on one topic. are MCR getting back together? I've seen the comments that have been put on Facebook and twitter and I'm actually wondering if they are true.
If you guys have any info on this, please comment and let Me know. Thanks.

And remember, killjoys never die.


Look alive sunshine,

I know that everything was said to be a hoax but I would like to ask what you feel about everything.

1) Why would the copyright be renewed if the band is not together?
2) Does renewing the copyright stop people from creating a new band named MCR?

These are just a few general questions that I have my opinions on but I would like to know what you guys think. It would be nice to know exactly why they had renewed the copyright if it wasn't lastly known to be renewed officially since 2012/2013 around when they broke up.

Keep Running,
The Fallen Angel Of The Black Parade.