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Time to unplug

Oh man, maybe I'M NOT OKAY...been on this site WAY too long (last night to today) Time to unplug!

What's going on?

I saw this on tumblr and I am so confused. Hopeful, but confused.

What's going on..?

I'm happy the community is back up and running but why? Oh well, I guess.. How have you guys been?


could this day get anymore fun like holy fuckin nipple balls (sense the sarcasm) what i mean is could this day get any worse???!

i needa reunion

This is what happens, I started listening to MCR in November 2015 and since then I can't control this obsession that i have, is that I am not the only one that I started to show interest in the band after their separation, me and other million of killjoys want to see them together again, I personally, I need to see them live as My Chemical Romance before dying, so I can die happy, I know many of you will come out to me with that shit legal to gather issues, but if they want, they will, I know I'm not alone in this almost crying, not all had the opportunity to know the music of the band at the