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Life aint just a joke...Then why are we laughing?

Hi :3
Today went great (because I was so hyped up at lunch) but after school I tried to ring ethan to sort things out and he declined my call >.< WHAT IS IT WITH BOYS ??? so I tried calling right now...UGH HE DECLINED AGAIN !!! -_- I need to calm down!!

Anyway today was literally the best as I had 3 cover teachers instead of the normal ones xD

have a good rest of your day/night
-eleanor <3

What happened at school today?

First lesson - English. We finished this book called Heroes by Robert Cormier. I recommend it. I really do get into books and I really want to know what happens to the characters after the book. I wish there was a part two.
Second lesson - Maths. We had another supply teacher. I tell you all the teachers are disappearing! We were told to sit in our seating plan but when I got into the room someone was already in my spot so I sat with my friends on a table near the window.


As I'm just waiting on my phone for a ride home from midterms, I thought I'd post something for today. I had English today, an dI think it went pretty well! I was worried about the analyzing poetry section, but luckily it just happened to be one I had read before and understood perfectly! Hell yeah Richard Cory!
Speaking of midterms, I try to eat breakfast before the tests, but I usually don't because if I eat too close to the time I wake up, I get REALLY nauseous...does that happen to anyone else?
Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about college and stuff recently...I'm going to live just

wooo ^_^

I hope you have a great Tuesday! ill post again later if I have time! Thank you to the people who comment all the time!


Today, my mother and I stopped by Lush to pick uo a bath bomb for me to use to relax before the rest of my
exams...we ended up leaving also with shower gel, lip scrub, and moisturizer or something (side note: ugh i hate that word moist idk why). XD Everyone there is just so kind and they know how to recommed *exactly* what you need. (-_-;) I really enjoy getting their catalogues though because they always have cool science/environmental articles in them in addition to products. The bath bomb I got was called Guardian of the Forest.