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I miss you

I want to bring you this, Mandy Belle. Should I keep it to myself? I don't want to piss you off. Maybe I'll leave it at your door one day.

I love you Mandy Belle

I love you all


Even if the sky is grey, Hope everyone are having a great day!!!! *HUG*
I send Good Vibes to everyone!!!! Hahahahahahaha


Depressive thoughts Feb 3, 2014

songs are good for letting the pain out :/

Well, mother
You should have aborted me
Like a lamb led to the slaughter
You should've raised a better kid
I probably shouldn't have been your daughter

Maybe if I had died
I wouldn't be such a bother
You could have been
I should've never been anyone's daughter


There are only 11 days until my sister and I go to see Reggie and the Full Effect! I also found out the other bands that are going to be there: Pentimento and Dads. I am not familiar with these bands, but I just got both of their most recent EPs so I can familiarize myself with them. From what I've heard so far, they rock!

Quick Question: Is it bad I wasn't really familiar with any of these bands before I bought the tickets in November, but wanted to see them because of James' and Frank's affiliation with My Chemical Romance? In a way, they just led me to other bands.

However you become a

Can't take it

I can't take it right now, I was in algebra but I just can't do it! My mind is all over the place, cramps fucking kill. I know I should be using skills to make myself feel better, like I learned in the partial hospitalization program, but it's much easier said than done I really don't think this school is right for me, maybe if I don't go tomorrow it'll help. I feel like such an outsider here. I have friends but they just don't seem to get what I'm going through.