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MCR Setlist

Does anyone by chance have an actual set list from a MCR show? If you do or know of one that exists somewhere and it's available to buy let me know!

Holiday Shopping

Today, my family is traveling to a town about an hour away from where we live to buy Christmas gifts for everyone! :) Every Sunday, the shop owners dress up as characters from A Christmas Carol, so it will be interesting to see all the costumes. I'm super broke though, so I will probably just buy materials to make some crappy homemade ornaments for everyone. :/ During the drive, I will be watching the first episode of a certain story from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. I've never seen it, and even though I've heard it's pretty bad, I'm really excited.


So, recently I have been making remixes and collections of songs on my Indiloop account (abbyb808 if you wanted to know) but now Indiloop is being evil and not letting me upload any stems to remix, so no remixing for me. Ugh. Thanks, internet.
Ghost xoxo
Ps. Take a look if you want ;)

Help Get MCR Together Again
^That's a petition. Please tweet or use social media to get this to Gerard. Thanks Killjoys.

MCR stuff

Hello everybody! Does someone know where can I buy some stuff of killjoys? Like their jakets or the guns. I've searched a lot but i can't find a website which sell something.... Thank you all!