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hetalia + gerard way

ok so i was on quotev just then and where it said new quizzes their was a Hetalia quiz and the thumbnail was Scotland and he had red hair and was wearing a blue suit and i was just like *hEaVy BrEaThInG*

k bye m8s

help i have a gay crush fckfckfckfck

ok help me please! i mean you don't have to but yeah.. anywentz, i have a crush on this girl who lives in a totally different country but she's straight and obsessed with Brendon Urie! she likes me but in a straight way. i feel like we just get each other. we throw compliments at each other, we send each other Emo Trinity pictures, memes, and we always talk about something and there's never an awkward moment.

ok wtf

my dad is just eating cereal straight out of a cup like no milk or anything and it's almost 10:30 pm wtf dad

How MCR Saves My Life

I love My Chemical Romance so much. I wouldn’t be alive without MCR and they have helped me so much. They drove me away from self harm when I needed it, and stopped my crying whenever I was sad. For most people, they don’t understand why MCR is my favorite band and MCR isn’t quite their cup of tea. But their lyrics have true meaning and mean a lot to me. MCR is like the mother and I’m the baby. It’s as if MCR takes me into it’s arms & cradles me, telling me everything is going to be ok. That it’s ok to move on. It’s ok to keep going. That you’re not walking this world alone.

Show tomorrow night!

het everyone! My band will be doing a show tomorrow night at the Tapout bar in Hamilton Ohio. It is a 21+ show, but I will be outside hanging out with some people who said that there coming but cant go in. Id love to meet some other people with them, so if you show up, track me down and say HI!