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Donating blood?

I'm going in to donate blood tomorrow but I really don't like needles. The nurse always says I have a fast pulse and I tell her that's because I do not like needles. But I'm wondering, if anyone has donated blood/got a shot/etc or has advice about that, how can they calm down? I don't want to be all nervous again, it's awful.
Voy a donar sangre mañana pero no me gusta nada los agujas. La enfermera simpre me dice que mi pulso es rápido y yo le digo a ella que temo de agujas.

♡Love Sick♡


There was this girl that I hardly knew existed in junior high. Her name was Autumn. Apparently she had a huge crush on me. I regret not getting to know her then, because I've now developed a major crush on her now in high school.

We started being freinds my freshman year. But not too long after our newly forged friendship, she met Rose.

Rose made her push away all of her female friends, including me. So one day Autumn just came up to me and told me that we could be around eachouther for a while, because Rose thought that we were flirting.

At the time I was incredibly insecure about my

Another Fun Story

So today in my first period, I got super bored and I drew the Danger Days spider on my hand. It's pretty small, just takes up the space below my thumb on the outside.

Flash forward to third period, where we were taking notes when the guy next to me pokes me. Now, we aren't close friends, but we found common ground last year when we discovered that we were both into comics, and we rant about what's new in comics pretty much every week.

So, he pokes me and gestures towards my hand. He then asked me if that was the MCR spider. I was shocked. I had no clue this guy even knew about MCR.

Welcome Back, Loves!

My, what has happened since last we spoke? Except basically everything...

In fact, judging by my former profile, I was still in college when the Community section went all Costa Rica!

I have nothing to say just yet except that I'm thrilled to be back!

Here's to meeting more friends and continuing to share our love for this massive, amazing shared world MCR created.


wake me up

wake me up inside