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Today, my mother and I stopped by Lush to pick uo a bath bomb for me to use to relax before the rest of my
exams...we ended up leaving also with shower gel, lip scrub, and moisturizer or something (side note: ugh i hate that word moist idk why). XD Everyone there is just so kind and they know how to recommed *exactly* what you need. (-_-;) I really enjoy getting their catalogues though because they always have cool science/environmental articles in them in addition to products. The bath bomb I got was called Guardian of the Forest.

Not Much Going On

So, not much has been going on lately, its just SO hot to do anything right now. I guess the only things that have been going on is I finally got my account to work on ya! Also I've been sick lately, and I have a head ache. Oh well.

I'm still wating for my merch to be deleverd but since its coming from America and I'm all the way in New Zealand its going to take a while. But I can't wait!!

Have a nice week!

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

This blogs title is'nt an MCR song/album name (Which you've probably already figured out that it is in fact a Green day song xD)

Anyway, today has possibly gone from amazing to super bad ;-; -Cries- the rest of school was good ! We had an Assembly in the middle of our 2 hour lesson which was a drama production about sexual exploitation which was an hour long and really educational *-* (Better than a fulll 2 hours on Computer Science xD)

Right now I feel tumblr as with my Monster energy and great music taste trying to get over the fact my boyfriends being a jerk (sort of)

Have a good rest

Service Temporaily Unavailable

STU, ha! That would make a good band name!

Anyway, I am in the habit of checking here and the talk site every morning just for new stuff, then I make my comments at a later time in the day. But, since says "service temporarily unavailable", I thought I'd start here. Post that as well, in case anyone had any further information...

Well, I'm not really the newsy kindof person...I usually just stick with MCR related stuff or the weather. Apparently, we are having unseasonably nice weather here, so maybe I'll go outside today. (Yesterday's walk was very nice. I love nice walks!)

Hey guys

Hey ya'lll
In study. was writing a paper on the history of the Kalimba (thumb piano). But got distracted and here I am haha! I need to re-buzz my hair. I might wanna do something new with it but I'm not sure what. And I love having a buzzed head so maybe I'll wait.
Time for history