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Famous Last Words

Hi Guys xD
Today was awesome, not only did I hit my boyfriend in the face with a snow ball I saw Charlotte drive past us in the car with her dad xD Anyway today was pretty cool tbh apart from when Ethan got distracted by his little brothers and their Sky-landers mission -__-

This morning(6 am) I got some decent shots of the snow which are on my camera *-*

have a great rest of your day

Life On The Murder Scene

I have recently bought Life On The Murder Scene and holy mother of God I love it. I love the use of real people as the couple and the opening to the title screen is amazing. I am watching the video diary and you really get to see the dawn of MCR. I am in love with it as much as I am in love with the Three Cheers album art. I am such a sucker for graphics.

Thank You Guys

I just wanted to say thanks for the positive feedback on my first post. It means a lot to me because I don't have anyone in my life who likes this band and understands what I'm talking about. I may just have to use this site more often.

MCR Bulletproof Vest

Hello! So I would love to buy a ¡Venganza! bulletproof vest, if anyone has one I'd love to buy it. Also if anyone has an MCR arm band I'd also love to buy that too. If you do and if you would like to sell it then contact me :)


So I ordered some cd's on the internet and Three Cheers, Black Parade and Stomachaches arrived just yesterday. Yay! I'm sooo happy. Like, that just made my whole weekend.