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my chemical romance split up

hi I am just new and I am still wondering why my chemical romance spilt up I heard about it last week I still thought they were together obviously not. if anyone knows why this has happened please tell me I am a massive fan of MCR I want them to get back together again. I just remembered that Gerard ways birthday is 10 day before mine hope he has a nice birthday.

This is not goodbye

10:00 pm EST I saw the Trailer for the Greatest Hits. 10:32 and five tissues later, I just can't stop crying. These were the best years of my life. Starting from The Black Parade, I listened to all albums and songs and loved each and every one of them. But it's more than fondness of what I liked or not, it was the memories. The songs when I was being shunned from society and feeling I was worthless made me feel like no one could bring me down. I've been a better person because of My Chemical Romance. I really felt like this band was behind me every step I took.


I like to draw a lot , so I just thought why not to try drawing the CD cover from Revenge or The Black Parade, so I just tried it and this was the result. I liked it, and I think that with the time I will get to be better so I would like to see what you think about it.

An off day

well today i woke and i was thinking hmm that was a goo res and today is going to be a good day. WRONG! During second period (probably 3 or 4 period for normal high school) and i was feeling horrible, i was on my cycle ,been going to sleep around 12 to finish homework, and and a whole bunch of test the previous day. so on my way to the restroom my vision started going black. I was super scared because this had never happened to me before. the EMS ended up coming and i missed school. Turns out i was dehydrated and everything turned out well.


Hello everyone. Today I was on my class drawing the Black Parde Soldier, so one dude saw it and said, "what are you drawing" and I told him "Its the black parade soldier, the one of the black parade album from mcr" and he told me he had the album. So I was like does he know mcr? and I ask him "do you like the song mama? and he told me it was the better one. So I told him "It goes like this right? and then I started singing Disenchanted and he was like "yes it goes exactly like that" and my face was like ._.