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What happened at school today?

First lesson - English. We finished this book called Heroes by Robert Cormier. I recommend it. I really do get into books and I really want to know what happens to the characters after the book. I wish there was a part two.
Second lesson - Maths. We had another supply teacher. I tell you all the teachers are disappearing! We were told to sit in our seating plan but when I got into the room someone was already in my spot so I sat with my friends on a table near the window.


As I'm just waiting on my phone for a ride home from midterms, I thought I'd post something for today. I had English today, an dI think it went pretty well! I was worried about the analyzing poetry section, but luckily it just happened to be one I had read before and understood perfectly! Hell yeah Richard Cory!
Speaking of midterms, I try to eat breakfast before the tests, but I usually don't because if I eat too close to the time I wake up, I get REALLY nauseous...does that happen to anyone else?
Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about college and stuff recently...I'm going to live just

wooo ^_^

I hope you have a great Tuesday! ill post again later if I have time! Thank you to the people who comment all the time!


Today, my mother and I stopped by Lush to pick uo a bath bomb for me to use to relax before the rest of my
exams...we ended up leaving also with shower gel, lip scrub, and moisturizer or something (side note: ugh i hate that word moist idk why). XD Everyone there is just so kind and they know how to recommed *exactly* what you need. (-_-;) I really enjoy getting their catalogues though because they always have cool science/environmental articles in them in addition to products. The bath bomb I got was called Guardian of the Forest.

Not Much Going On

So, not much has been going on lately, its just SO hot to do anything right now. I guess the only things that have been going on is I finally got my account to work on ya! Also I've been sick lately, and I have a head ache. Oh well.

I'm still wating for my merch to be deleverd but since its coming from America and I'm all the way in New Zealand its going to take a while. But I can't wait!!

Have a nice week!