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Bullied because I'm "emo"

So I'm Trinity. I get bullied at school all because I'm "emo". People laugh at me, throw food at me and spit ball me in lessons. I carry a black veil brides bag and have loads of MCR on my phone.

They all make fun of me because i wanna be a rockstar. They say I cant sing when I know I can. People have told me to go cut myself and sit in dark corners writing poetry because apparently that's what all emos do.
Welcome to the fabulous killjoys

Okay i'm gonna say this: I had a panic attack in front of my whole school

Okay...for a school talent show me and and my beautiful girlfriend decided to sing. Sadly, it was not s.i.n.g but Party PoisonXPlanetary switch thing
so like.....I did half of Planetary fine. But then, it hit me. 'IM NOT O FUCKING KAY" constantly going through my head. I tried to do the Japanese part, but my anxiety punched my in the face. I started to hyperventilate and sweat....(IF MY VELOCITY STARTS TO MAKE YOU SWEAT) then they cut me short. I ran into the girls locker room sobbing. Does anybody know how i can get over my anxiety without medication?

Counting Love

I thought about counting
how many times I have said
“I love you”
but it would be nigh impossible.
For I have said it with every
I’ve said it with every glance;
I have said it with every hug,
and every kiss;
I’ve said it with each worry,
and each smile;
I’ve loved you with each
and every breath…
— Jade Trisdale

School's Back

I've never dreaded the start of a school year more than this one.
Mainly because I /know/ this year is going to be difficult - there's not much I can do to avoid that. I just wish I could avoid the sickening feeling in my stomach that's pretty much a constant at the moment. I'm so not ready for this.
Send prayers
Flight x


MCR is my only friend and the only one i need