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That Took Forever.

Geez. I just thought I was gonna go on here and be sad that they're gone. But hey, found this tool. Sweet. Glad it's back.


I have so many assignments due this week and next week. I made a tumblr the other day and im pretty sure that isn't helping my problem with procrastination. I put the pro in procrastination I suppose you could say. Anyway does anyone else have a tumblr because i would love to interact with everyone in other places as well if that makes sense, so if anyone wants to follow my tumblr you can find me at and if you leave your username in the comments i might follow you so yeah i'll see if there is someway i can add a link to it but have a good day/night xx time-bandit

up and running!!

i'm so happy to see the community section back up again! the killjoys have been falling a bit.


When did the Community get back up??????? I've been waiting for it to come back for AGES!!!! But all of my messages have gone :( If anyone out there used to talk to me, I'm here please get back in touch!! I love all you guys, I'm so glad the site is back up!!! :)


art is nice

but art can also fuck off rn