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Not The Life It Seems arrived in the mail today (allll the way from the UK) and I am beyond excited to start reading it. This is the highlight of my week.
Hope you're all doing okay,
Flight x

So board AGAIN!!

These holidays have been super boring for me. The only exciting thing I have coming is my merch getting delivered but that's going to take a few days, maybe a week. But I have nothing to post and my internet hates it when I play online games. oh well.

How has your day been?

Little Things to Calm Down

Hey guys! Not much has been happening recently, so I thought I would post this list of things I do when feeling anxious/stressed and I only have a small amount of time to fix my shit because a lot of you guys probably deal with that stuff as well. Hopefully some of these will help you too!

-Watch Lush bath bomb demos on youtube (or take a bath with one if you are lucky enough to have one)
-Splash water on your face if you are feeling...idk the word but like when life feels like a movie and you feel disconnected from your body. Physical sensation usually helps me a bit.
-Squish a stuffed

Will you help me?

If you don't know I have Tumblr now, G has followed me, but I don't know what I'm doing on there so I've just got everything at default atm. Well, I have done my profile pic, bio and I have posted a gif of Frank but that's it. Tell me how to make my acount stand out from the crowd and just look better than the default. As I put on the caption 'TELL ME YOUR TRICKS'

Personal Stuff (Help???)

I need a long monologue for my acting class!! Could you guys please help me out? It's gotta be 5 minutes or longer and (slightly) school appropriate. I'm performing it in front of my class, and all the good ones were taken -.-