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wake me up

wake me up inside

i am new to the community

just wanted to say hi! i'm very new to this hahaha. i guess this is sort of an intro post for me?

you can call me toast or demo. i'm 16, and i run a blog on tumblr (rnychemicalromance). i love mcr conspiracy theories and i have a passion for gerard's bat belt buckle + other revenge-related things. talk to me anytime!

I just wanted to say

Thank you. Everybody I have met here has been so sweet and awesome. There has been absolutely no hate comments on my posts not like the other social media things I go on( tumblr, Facebook, instagram etc.) People have been super nice to me and that has never happened to me before. Seriously, thank you all. And thank you for reading.

One more

Found something pretty rad that I think goes with the wonderful sentiments of this Community...

watch this!

"The world is judgemental and you should never take something based on the face value. Always try to know people more and you never know, you’ll end up making a friend for a lifetime, even if they’re from a different culture, religion, or race."


The Dreaded Exams...

So today I don't quite want to tell a story, but to tell you my current situation.

Hey, I'm Ryan and I'm about to take my exams before stepping into homelessness (probably what's going to happen). And that means I get NO time to myself at all. This is going to make me sound like a whiny little bitch, but I really hate it. I have 18+ exams coming up so this is the reason I started doing this blog, just so i have a little bit of a social life beyond text books and past papers.