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so i only had 1.25 for one twix bar so when i go down to the vending machine there was a twix hanging off the hook, so i bought one and both fell and now im eating twix which makes my english period so much more enjoyable then just reading

Rainy Days

The blizzard from New York has hit the UK but not quite as a blizzard. More like rain and high speed winds. I barely walked a few yards and I was already soaked. Why British weather? Why? Maybe one day we will have good weather. One day.

I don't love you like I did yesterday...

Hi guys :C,
I actually have some pretty bad news that just made today 10x worst ;-;
My boyfriend just became my ex boyfriend -_- TBH i'm not a sad as I should be because I knew it was
coming but I just thought I would let you guess know.

So now I'm listening to mcr - I don't love you like I did yesterday semi crying
-Eleanor <3

Life aint just a joke...Then why are we laughing?

Hi :3
Today went great (because I was so hyped up at lunch) but after school I tried to ring ethan to sort things out and he declined my call >.< WHAT IS IT WITH BOYS ??? so I tried calling right now...UGH HE DECLINED AGAIN !!! -_- I need to calm down!!

Anyway today was literally the best as I had 3 cover teachers instead of the normal ones xD

have a good rest of your day/night
-eleanor <3

What happened at school today?

First lesson - English. We finished this book called Heroes by Robert Cormier. I recommend it. I really do get into books and I really want to know what happens to the characters after the book. I wish there was a part two.
Second lesson - Maths. We had another supply teacher. I tell you all the teachers are disappearing! We were told to sit in our seating plan but when I got into the room someone was already in my spot so I sat with my friends on a table near the window.