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MCR is my only friend and the only one i need

I'm glad the site is back up

Right when I need to vent the most!!
I got into a fight over face book with a friend all because I tagged said friend in a job vacancy which they said wasn't their thing. I said they shouldn't be so picky seeing as he needs a job cos he was an idiot and didn't wear protection now he has a kid and no job. It escalated from there he swore at me and brought my family into it. I'm pissed and I've lost two friends cos I wanted to help my friend out. How f'ed up is that!!! I'm still so mad and just hate everyone at the moment.

*~((Feminist Vibes))~*

Hey all!

This is my first post..I think. I truly don't remember being apart of this message board back in the day....because I'm old.

I fell out of the fandom around Danger Days and missed my last chance to see them live before they broke up and I think about that all the time. I regret doing that because I got distracted by terrible macho-sexist-hardcore music and felt it was childish to like MCR. I've thrown all those beliefs out now and I'm the total opposite.


I don't think I've ever really posted a blog just about my day. Probably because my days are usually boring and repetitive. But I actually had stuff going on today so I thought I'd share.

So my school hosted this Young Adult book festival where a bunch of authors come in and hold panels and sign books. (It's basically like a mini comic con for books, only no cosplay.) Since we were the host school, I was volunteering to work. I got the awesome job of serving the authors lunch and then eating the leftovers afterward.


I was again the tumblr and I found a great treasure, the original titles of some of MCR's songs

‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’ was originally titled 'I Promise It’s The Last Time’, On Three Cheers there was also 'If We’re Not Careful, We’ll Turn Into Alcoholics/Catholics’, which apparently turned into Interlude (not too sure about this, haha).
The song title changes I know of are (original → final):
‘A Kiss Before She Goes’ → ‘The Sharpest Lives’
‘Momma’ → ‘Mama’
‘Black Angel and the Desert Sun’ → ‘The Desert Song’
‘Bring More Knives’ → ‘Our Lady of Sorrows’
‘Wish You Away’ → ‘Drowning Lessons’