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One of my main fears i need help with...

So....out of all my biggest one is that my school teachers are homophobic. I'm a lesbian. Out of all 5 of my teachers, only one of them know i'm dating a girl. And that's my band teacher (oh yeah *danisnotonfire snap and voice* oh yeah clarinet) My Science and Social Studies teacher hate me. And i'm pretty sure one of them is a homophobic. I've learned to keep myself through music..but sometimes i can't keep it together. Like at school.

Thespians! I have a question for you!

Greetings everyone! My winter break is sadly over tomorrow and I have to return to campus Monday. Nothing anxiety inducing about that at all. Before I go off on an unnecessary tangent about how freakin' anxious I feel right now, I have a question, and maybe some of you guys could help...
I've taken an interest in theater and acting (and am actually bouncing around the idea of majoring in theater to be a drama teacher), and I absolutely love working backstage (I've done it once, but that was the most fun I've ever had at a school activity and have even wanted to do it for community theater

So This Is Difficult

So like this is so difficult for me to say but I am um, I am um, I am Pansexual there I said it. I'm trying to be more confident in who I am and this is the first step so yeah I did it.


You are intoxicating,
when I get close, I feel high
high upon the world where
no one can reach me.
As if I could jump and fly.
Blow away my problems
Fly towards the key
to my heart.
Of which i hand to
You are intoxicating,
whenever you’re near,
I become drunk off your
Brush off my fear
of seeming insignificant,
you make me soar high
high off this joy
at not being derelict.
Not being nondescript by
You are perfect.
From your grin
right down to when you fidget
with your hands.
The way your eyes soften
whilst gazing down at mine,
or how you caress my hair
out of my face.

Its been a bit

Haven't gotten on for a while, how is everyone doing?