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The messages...


Idk what the problem is but the messenger thing just doesn't seem to work for me... Are anyone else having the same problem? Does anyone know how to solve it? c:

Love y'all <3

CCEE (Local Comic Expo)

At the local comic expo that gets held in my city every year, there's always those couple people who decide to go as singers and musicians and not actual comic and geek sturff.
This year, my best friend Dean and I went and acquaintance's of ours were Party Poison and Kobra Kid. We practically died from excitement.
Their tumblr blogs are:

xoxo, Atomic Boom

July 15, 2015

Anyone going to see Frank on July 15 at Calgary? My friend Dean and I are going and I was just wondering if any other killjoys are going and need people to hang out with.

xoxo, Atomic Boom

good afternoon killjoys :3

how are you? Im acttually fine! haha well Im bored too :p
anyone wants to talk?
kik: hdz1234
instagram: Sebastian_mcr
:3 btw, my mother found my razor/cigarette stash so i may not be able to talk for a week or so.

-Sebastián, signing off.

How do you feel about Hesitant Alien?

I don't know that i have heard anyone say they don't like it.

so yeah tell me killjoys

I need to actually buy it soon m8