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Question: Favorite MCR Album?

Unanimous Answer: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Fulfilling Emptiness

Death is a very curious thing. And once again I find myself touched by it's ripples. Personally I didn't know the man very well, but I knew him enough. ((((((So much love and support to his family, and close friends)))))) When someone you know dies, there is a particular feeling when you first find out, a bitter war in your mind, where you won't accept what has happened. I am currently in this stage and have been for the last two hours. But then there is an emptiness that stings. One where you feel as if you should've talked to them more, or that you should've gotten to know them sooner.

Drama and panic attacks.

Yes folks, this is a rather serious blog post. Basically, a lot has happened this month. On October 3rd, my great grandpa, aged 88 sadly passed away. It was quite hard for me because he taught me so many things such as how to draw, and we used to spend a lot of time with him because he was just a really fun guy to be around and loved both kids and teenagers. Sadly he had an illness where he had some memory loss and mixed up certain events, I forgot what it's called in English, though.. you know, since my first language isn't English.

Anyway after that I had a hard couple of days at school, I