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hi ya y'all know what's that about

i miss mcr
so far
but that's okay
even if i'm not


Hi, so I guess I'm new. Not to the fandom, but to the whole blogging on this website thing. I've visited this website before, but today is the first time I've really delved deep into it, which is really surprising. A little bit about myself, I've been obsessed since about last summer. I know, sad, but in my defense, when MCR was still around I was too young to be listening to that sort of music. Plus, my parents were always trying to get me to listen to their music, bluegrass. It's okay, I guess, but I'm so glad i found my music.

i know im late...

and it's nearly impossible, but is there any way i could get one of the mcr california 2019 box sets?? i've been searching for over a year with no luck whatsoever so i thought i'd post a message on here and hopefully someone can reach out to me! also mcr day is pretty close ;-;


I wish MCR was still back together it would be great. Frank Gerard Mikey Ray Bob the perfect band and they know it.


This is where people like me can rant about anything or anyone because everyone needs too blow off some steam.