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Blog post #2

Hey guys!

I’m Abby and I will be posting throughout the school year.

Please comment “yep,” I you agree with me, if you don’t, please tell me why not. I love to hear your opinions!

My posts reflect on the negatives and positives in the world (mostly negative though) and I like blogging on what, why, and how these things affect the world and sculpt society into what it is now.

No, I’m not a tree huger (Not that there is anything wrong with being one), I don’t mean to offend anyone, I’m just a teen trying to see the world as other people view it.

I would love your input though!

Basic white girl blog #1

Hey guys!

it's your basic white girl, Abby!

I just wanted to say hi because thats what I do and it's something you should do when you are doing your first blog post..... I'm at school and I'm bored because none of my friends are in any of my classes.


yeah I'm done!

So I don't go on my Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat....because I broke my phone.



Hey. I'm Irina. I'm from Russia(this will help you to understand why I don't shorten words). I'm lonely. If someone wanna talk kik me @miranky or email me

p.s. I feel lonely and abandoned kitten(((

Update on life

Well work is work, I get a few hours but not enough.

The store manager is kinda mean, ( well Everytime I've talked to him he has been) the assistant store manager is a lot nicer and likes me; and the grocery managers like me.

But I just need something more, you know like I feel like I need more hands on training, not computer based training but actual like demonstration, of what they actually want me to do.

Cuz my 6 month evaluation was kinda sucky, and it made me feel like I'm a bad employee.

Other than that I've just been staying home and surfing the web.

Or I'll hang out with some friends.

Why I love them so much

Hi guys
It's so weird but in my country is midnight and I'm going to wake up so early but I writing something here. I will be so tired but well.
I'm not a someone who has a big problem with himself. I just sometimes feeling so bad and unloved. When I listening to MCR music I feeling like all members just giving me a big hug. I love what they did for us with their music. They makes me stronger and gives me some hope for good life. I was never meeting music like their, which giving me that feelings - happines, sadness, strong.