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The evening of November 5th, for the smoke of 2011 "Yundo Jos" Cup National Chinese Eight BallTournament ranked men's qualifying Wuhan division 16 strong had cleared, a billiard festival willopen up a fresh outlook curtain. This time, the Chinese eight ball challenge star studded,Qinhuangdao billiards Promotion Limited company chairman, Mr. Qiao Yuanxu, chairman of Hebeibilliards association and vice chairman of Hubei billiards association Mr. Li Xiaosong to visit.

With the Chinese eight ball the same dream, the same game style behind the big harvest. TheChinese eight ball tournaments working group -- "Yundu - Joe" cup portrait.
"Because of this disease, I can't call on the mental and physical demands higher snooker. This is starting to make me very sad, but Joe gave me new opportunities, because the development of high quality and snooker table, almost, especially the library, a match and snooker sensation. To the Chinese eight ball after Joe's is I most like the table, I did not give up entirely qiaoshi billiards."
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The same as Yuan Aijun is still being retired and two Olympic gymnastics champion Huang Xu.Because Huang Xu is the national team training camp, the reporter saw him at the Nanjing Sport Institute gymnastics training center could not. Gymnastics team manager Zhou Guisheng told reporters, Huang Xu is 30 years old, years of training game made him sick.

In late December 16th 18, "the New World Cup in 2011, Joe's" the Chinese eight ball tournamentsErdos men's qualifying draw ceremony was held in the New World Snooker club. 128 in eight at a gathering of many people from all over the country, to draw his sign bit. The next 4 days, the masterwill compete for the race tickets to start a fight.
Beijing time on February 8th afternoon, "Hendry served as the Chinese eight ball global ambassadorsigning ceremony" was held in Beijing Guangdong hotel. The greatest snooker star Hendry from theChinese eight ball leader Joe's hand took <a href=" 43723697

Belgrade July 6th sports news (reporter Zou Dapeng Huang Jie) China fencing team won the men'sSabre champion good luck did not last, because the strength disparity, China team within 6 days of the men's and women's foil team first round matches both out.
3) men's race: 2011 annual ranking 1-16 players invited to the December 15, 2011 18:00 before thetelephone registration within the prescribed time, did not sign players as automatic waiver. Pre qualified 16 players, <a href="">Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses</a> in December 20th 18:00 prior to the