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well today I bought a $20 Scratch off ticket at my Publix ( grocery store) that I work at.

It was a 100X the money scratcher, and I got the 100X symbol under a $5 prize.....

So I won $500. that's more money than what I make in a week worth of Pay at my job.

Any ways I had $8 this morning ( cash), and I bought a Powerball and a $2 scratcher and lost the $2 scratcher, but now I am super curious about the Powerball......

Because I had a Dream last night that I won the Lottery on a Scratch off ticket, except in my dream I won $10 Million not $500.

So with that being said ; if I do win the

Woah, there is activity!

Well seen as this place has got more activity, why not I post another blog post. That sentence seemed to make no sense at all. So how is everyone doing now? Good? I just answered the question for you. So let's write about my day!

Today wasn't a bad day. It wasn't like too out of the ordinary either (maybe tomorrow will be... We'll have to see). Got the bus, got to school. Had maths first... Alright lesson I guess.

A Great Way To Start The Day....Or Not...

Hey Fellas!
How are you today? I think I'm good. Today I was talking to two Girls of my class. They asked me why I am always alone and why I don't talk so much. I told them the truth. I'm afraid that I could say something wrong or do something strange. These Girls were soooooo nice. They said that it's okay if I say something stupid when I don't think so much about it. They said everybody is doing this someday and I don't even have to say something if I can't. And that's not usual. Yesterday I was texting a Boy in my class. He helped me all the time when I needed help.


So today I realized this world lacks killjoys. We need more KillJoys my next paycheck I'm buying some stuff and I'm gonna be one. Not for me, but for the MCR legacy

Morning Sadness

Goooood Morning, How was everyone's day yesterday? I thought I was working till 10 last night, but I worked till 11:23 instead. The biggest fog rolled in last night so I couldn't see while driving home. So I showed up to school today. We have this spirit week I saw someone with a black looking mask around there eyes and black and yellow scarf around his neck with a jacket.