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"Compared with the previous after return to the game, this is not the same. I 32 years old, never tothe highest level in the industry in the competition. The sport of tennis competition, the athletesperfectly, but I can't go back to the past, one hundred percent of the state." Li Na said in the letter.
Imperceptibly, Li Na has been working for 18 months, and during this period Carlos, Li Na changedobviously. Changing <a href="">Christian Louboutin Outlet</a> service, flexible Internet tactics and more stable psychological quality, 17521304

China, Wuhan and Beijing in August 14th, 2014 Dongfeng Auto - Wuhan Open tennis player list officially released, the Organizing Committee held a news conference to announce the squad.Wuhan Tennis Open tournament director Faris introduced foreign top 20 players participating players in determining. WTA Asia Pacific managing director Peter Johnson also came to the press conference for the military network to help.
The 2013 season WTA finals will enter the group match third game for the day, China Jinhua Li Nafor two consecutive days the first debut, against Jankovic Li Na in second. 92102778

In addition, there is a big surprise, that is the game players Hawkeye challenge have failed, in linewith the eagle eye confrontation staged a "victory and KO". Tong Kexin and Xu Yang also make fun of to say, it is unified with the sunglasses played a role, "may be the sunshine in Shenzhen is really good", "the game can not Hawkeye, the last line is fine", and Peng Shuai winning two consecutivepoints to grab that behind the line trial laugh out.
The game before the game, with the occasion to sink hole progenitor serve and return, <a href=" 94758242

Similar remarks, however, foreign tennis reporter said, after Li Na's words just kidding, and no one put Serena performance as an excuse, including Li Na himself admitted because of tired to lose.Gao Hui
Asked about the future of the target, two people repeatedly refused, Peng Shuai said with a smile as long <a href="">Cheap Michael Kors handbags</a> as about the target must be yellow. 91727411

Have witnessed China women brilliant ex national female Nets coach Zhang Qi said, when I saw Li Na win, "the heart cannot calm excitement".
Before the 6 game, Zheng Jie seize the opportunity to break the success will be leveled the score 3-3, explaining that Zheng Jie is to adjust the state, especially in the break points to seize the keypoints. Vinci then quickly broke back, and in her Serving Bureau quickly lead to 40-0, think Zheng Jieor in the interpretation of the key points on the not dare to play, but Vinci obviously improve more quickly.