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Much attention China golden WTA season the first show,2014 Shenzhen tennis open ended yesterday,two Chinese girl at the end of the championship race staged a wonderful contest. Finally,Li Na with 6 than 5 than 4/7 two sets beat teammate Peng Shuai for the first time,occupation careerdefending,and opened the new season with a title. Has sixth times in the final defeat of Peng Shuaialthough feel regret,but also for his performance this week. But the mood of Li Na as a new seasonof desire: take a grand slam champion.
Technical statistics after the game,the game took 1 hours and 37 minutes,the 27370852

In the service,and then slow down for admission is shot,killed! Li Na 40-15 Cibulkova Li Na 3-4Cibulkova
The women's singles title favourites Serena,park in Melbourne are still domineering. The first three rounds <a href="">oakley sunglasses outlet</a> easily cross the border without losing a set,proved her favourites ability. In contrast,Ivanovic's promotion wil?
Li Na 2014 at the beginning of the season,it appeared a good competitive state,already this season13 wins 1 of the negative record,she won the Shenzhen open and Australian Open champion <a 62975711

Children's net ball to win the leadership,guests and players applause and cheers,and later in thecompetition,all the caddies will also serve the events,this also means that the Shenzhen amateur tennis history for the first time have a professional caddy service,so the service standardspecification to move closer to the professional tournament competition.
Li Na forehand diagonal angle,getting off! Li Na 15-15 Li Na <a href="">fake ray ban sunglasses</a> 3-2 Qi buerkewa Qi buerkewa
The plane close to Wuhan,reporters feel <a href=" 33013553

The bottom line to pull the ball back,Li Na out of the bottom line! Li Na 15-15 Li Na 1-0 Qi buerkewaQi buerkewa
Li Na received after the body,Cibulkova back to the ball! Li Na 4-1 Cibulkova Li Na <a href="">jordans For cheap</a> 6-6 Cibulkova
Li Na a forehand straight line,then hit a net! Li Na 40-30 Li Na 0-0 Qi <a href="">discount oakley sunglasses</a> buerkewa Qi buerkewa
Much attention China golden WTA season the first show,2014 Shenzhen tennis open ended yesterday,two Chinese girl at the end of the 31356448

Change a new racket,it's hard to say is the psychological reason or strings are really the number of pounds,Li Na in the second set on fire. The second set of first Cibulkova also worked tenaciously tothe bottom line of resistance,but with Li Na's backhand,winning points,the first time in a Grand Slam singles final Cibulkova began to collapse in the psychological level. And the different,Cibulkova never won the final victory of multi racket attack,the error rate was significantly increasedby 2 times in a row,Li Na break.