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What is with my generation and uneducated people?

I just can't take how stupid some people are. I mean I'm in the top sets for lessons meaning the smartest people are meant to be in them... but they aren't. many are smart and then there are smart but dumb people and then the copiers that have no knowledge at all.

In maths today, the other students showed how uneducated they were on the 90s and 00s. They thought that the iPod Shuffle was the first iPod and they had no clue what floppy discs were. *cough* idiots *cough*. I just wish I could be a part of a generation that was a lot more educated (and that actually can remember three names.

Death Spells (Frank Iero and James Dewees)

Death Spells is back! I'm sure a lot of you all already know this, but I felt it needed to be said. Frank Iero and James Dewees are going on tour this summer as Death Spells. There is also a new album being released in July. This news was announced yesterday, Monday.

Well, that is all I have to say......



Well the title gives it away.

It's hot where I live like 90 degrees.

I burned my feet on the driveway today walking to get the trash from the street.

I think I will use my shoes the next time.

Anyways I'm supposed to go to White Water on Friday ( Six Flags Water Park in Marietta GA)

Hopefully it doesn't Rain or anything like that.

My Brother's Fiance's Family and my sister's Bf's family are coming for the 4th of July so it's going to be quite a party here soon.

My brother said they are going to Stone Mountain to see the laser show and fireworks one day but I'm not sure which day they are

Being Committed #2

My vague recollection of a mental hospital…

When you get to a “facility” they’re super nice, but don’t be fooled; they’re just calming you before the strip search. They give you this weird gown to make you feel like an inmate and show you to your room. They explain how they’ll check on you every fifteen minutes and then they just leave you. Alone in a room with a bunch of hard surfaces, like, with the lights off. What exactly changed by being committed? At home, I’m alone in my room. In the hospital, alone in a room. Something bad’s gonna happen.
I changed into my real clothes and, with my


Remember the band that toured with mcr in Europe a few times during Black Parade and Danger Days??
Well they broke up but their singer/guitarist has a new music video and I'm in LOVE check it out!!!