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I believe that with the fact that My Chemical Romance is following in the footsteps of Smashing Pumpkins, and they were together for 12 years then broke up for 6 and got back together. My Chemical Romance broke up March 22, 2013 so I believe they may get back together in 2019.

Not saying that it will happen that's just my opinion/ theory.

My story.

It started a month ago. I had my ipod on shuffle. MCR burst through the speakers. I pressed skip. Soon I found my self pressing skip more and more often. I would choose to blast Hannah Montana's greatest hits over welcome to the black parade. That night I found myself staring at the ceiling, my ears filled with the sweet sound of iggy izaleas ratchet rhymes. I turned my head and my eyes met those of Gerard Way. My heart flooded with guilt. Why? Why? Why didn't I love him anymore? His paper smile was soul less, and no longer made my labia quiver as it had many times in the past.


Fuck MCR. I just can't do this anymore.


The page has been down for so long, what happens now, Killjoys? xoPP


is this website dead