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well today I bought a $20 Scratch off ticket at my Publix ( grocery store) that I work at.

It was a 100X the money scratcher, and I got the 100X symbol under a $5 prize.....

So I won $500. that's more money than what I make in a week worth of Pay at my job.

Any ways I had $8 this morning ( cash), and I bought a Powerball and a $2 scratcher and lost the $2 scratcher, but now I am super curious about the Powerball......

Because I had a Dream last night that I won the Lottery on a Scratch off ticket, except in my dream I won $10 Million not $500.

So with that being said ; if I do win the

Woah, there is activity!

Well seen as this place has got more activity, why not I post another blog post. That sentence seemed to make no sense at all. So how is everyone doing now? Good? I just answered the question for you. So let's write about my day!

Today wasn't a bad day. It wasn't like too out of the ordinary either (maybe tomorrow will be... We'll have to see). Got the bus, got to school. Had maths first... Alright lesson I guess.

A Great Way To Start The Day....Or Not...

Hey Fellas!
How are you today? I think I'm good. Today I was talking to two Girls of my class. They asked me why I am always alone and why I don't talk so much. I told them the truth. I'm afraid that I could say something wrong or do something strange. These Girls were soooooo nice. They said that it's okay if I say something stupid when I don't think so much about it. They said everybody is doing this someday and I don't even have to say something if I can't. And that's not usual. Yesterday I was texting a Boy in my class. He helped me all the time when I needed help.


So today I realized this world lacks killjoys. We need more KillJoys my next paycheck I'm buying some stuff and I'm gonna be one. Not for me, but for the MCR legacy