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I always wanted to be a musician. And I want to be a chef. And now I am interested in being an artist. I hat having to choose an occupation when I am only 13 years old. I don't even know if I am going to college after high school. My mom is going to force me to go to college but my dad thinks if I don't want to go to college that it's perfectly fine. He just wants me to finish high school.


so im getting just a bit irritated that new people are joining just to say that they may come back but you read a post Gerard made somewhere about mcr not coming back but a new project may arise. the tour page is like that because of coding. they cant just delete a page because doing so will give the website more problems and possibly crash it. please stop saying they will get back together because honestly i don't think it will happen again. they all have families and lives to live and work on their own projects. lets just appreciate what they've done for us.

Day 3: Still ill :(

Hey guys!

Another day of me not feeling well. Today I was supposed to go to work but I still gotta call in ill. I was supposed to do that before 8 am but I was asleep so I'll just tell them that I thought I was able to make it this morning but that it just wouldn't work. Kinda terrified though, never called in sick and I'm still not officially hired :/ but I do have to tell them. Will do the call now and will continue the blog entry after that.


Oh god Oh god Oh god, they hate me O f*ck.
So I called and well I just called to the store, the manager of the store picks up (I was

Happy Birthday My Dear

I have this friend.
She goes by Sony,
But her true name
Means Dream.
Just as she is.
She is a dream
In this realm of reality.
She smiles,
And you know it’s
She cracks jokes,
And you can't help
But laugh.
Its her nature
To bring joy.
She is a jewel
As her second name
A rare gift that has
A love for pies
We love our little
Dreaming jewel.
She is beautiful
And strong.
And she will always
Find a place to belong
Here in our hearts...

Sognira, You are an amazing girl, and I wish you a Happy Birthday <3

((((good vibes))))

good morning everyone. i hope everyone has a good day today. i might post a youtube video about the website but i don't know. so if i do ill post a link here. bye now