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Don't report me for spam.

on May 5, 2018 - 2:37pm

Okay, last post today!
I just now have given up.
Friends are supposed to support you know matter what.
To ME, friends are people that lie to you and use you until you have nothing left to give, then you are hopeless, friendless, and depressed.

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Friends: A sort of real story.

on May 5, 2018 - 2:30pm

So, I went up to the person that I had a crush on I liked them a few weeks ago.
I told them I think like them they said okay we were chill.
Then a week later he said as in like, girlfriend?
I said...Maybe.
AND NOW we don't talk anymore.
AND THEN I had a mental break down when I started playing "I don't love you"

In front of them, and I started yelling in front of him, "EFF IT I DON'T LOVE YOU! I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU! I HATE YOUR EFFING GUTS! YOU ARE SO SELFISH! I JUST WANT TO THROW SOMETHING AT YOU!" as I was crying. Then I threw my pencil bag at him.
JUST KNOW that this was in front of the

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my chemical romance

on May 5, 2018 - 10:22am

Hello! My name is xXMyChemicalRomanceFAN2004Xx, and I just joined today! I am looking forward to meeting new friends!!! I absolutely LOVE My Chemical Romance, and every March 22nd, I only listen to MCR.
I also like playing MCR songs on my guitar.
I LOVE making poetry and used to share it in class, but the teacher said it was "too dark",
and I should make poems about happiness and rainbows and non-violent things, but I can't do that. I feel like I can't show my creativity to other people without them saying "That's dark!" and "You freak!"
...Sometimes I just want to end it all.

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so sad

on April 28, 2018 - 8:34am

whats happened to our site
the spam is so sad
i wish the site was back to the way it was.

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IMPORTANT! kick him out

on April 22, 2018 - 1:39pm

this guy => 'taurusoutlook' is spamming, whi is the admin? can you please kick him out? i dont know how and to whom i should report this!!! he is def breaking the rules!!!!!

again guys : taurusoutlook <== his posts are spam! KICK HIM OUT