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Scavenger Hunt Continues...

I woke up today to some wonderful pictures from Bob. Here is one hell of a dreamcatcher...

Driving with Bob

Got this photo from Bob, as per my request for specific photos on his 2,000 mile drive home. Sad thing is I know he will encounter worse on his journey. My only question is: Is that blood or shit? More points if it's blood. ***EDIT*** Bob has informed me this picture was taken at a TA truckstop in Flagstaff.

Shit I Love: Mad Max

What's not to love? Tupac loved it too. This is Master Blaster, who, if you live under a rock and don't know, runs Barter Town.

Heroes of Style: Wayne Coyne

Not only are The Flaming Lips an amazing band and super nice guys (we had the privilege of playing before them at Voodoo Fest), but Wayne Coyne knows how to fucking DRESS. He's the only person I know that can rock a white suit, and the dude sets up his own stage. While having a discussion about Duran Duran, sidestage before the Lips went on, I witnessed Wayne inflate no less than NINE large balloons, test the confetti blowers, and make sure the mics had the proper amount of day-glow gaff tape.

21 Million Dollars away from a Black Hole eating us, more coffee, and other news

News to me- So apparently the Super Hadron Collider had a wiring problem, meaning they can't run the beams and smash them together until they do some very expensive repairs. But what happens when those two beams collide? Many people think it will explain how the universe was created. I say who gives a shit- Chinese Democracy is out motherfucker! Coffee count: 8 cups. It's raining in L.A. and I love it.