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Time's Winding Up

If you wanna give your friend a Christmas gift from the My Chemical Romance online store, or wanna give yourself a gift for Christmas (it's kinda fun opening a present to yourself), you need to place your order by December 10th and select Standard Domestic Shipping to receive your items by December 25th. The last day to place your order using Rush Shipping is December 19th so that your items arrive by December 25th. Also, don't forget the holiday shipping offer - free standard shipping on merch until December 31st! Visit the My Chemical Romance online store here. Enjoy.

Oozing With Fun

Hey guys...been slammed with a lot of work and I'm starting to enjoy reality t.v. less and less so I haven't gotten a chance to post a new blog in a while. But this came in the mail today and I wanted to share it with you. Notice the "YUM!" This fucking thing is incredible...

A Christmas Carol

I'm loving Christmas this year. My first foray into lighting the outside of the house went really well, no injuries were reported so I guess it could be considered a success! Let's see, we got a light-up snowman, some cool flashy candy canes, a mom and kid penguin and a bunch of other stuff out there, and we couldn't be happier. I do of course have extension cords, power bricks, and all manner of stuff making the proper connections, so hopefully I won't be going up in smoke. Watched "A Christmas Carol" last night.


Her head is roughly twice the size of her entire body.