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-does a guy have to do to find some Frankenberry in the state of California? Did they stop making it?

Shit I Love: Warhammer 40K

It's no secret that I'm into some seriously geeky stuff. And I'm not one of these guys who would say "Oh dude I totally used to play Dungeons and Dragons and I played a Half-Elf", boldly squeezing yet another color onto the palette of irony, blobbed right next to "Elk-sweatshirt" and "Handlebar mustache". That shit is weak to me, and earns you no points.

No Apprentice This Year!

The title of this blog is inspired by a text sent to me from Mikey Way. Willow, for some reason, is a movie we constantly talk about in the MCR camp, and watch from time to time. I literally remember us watching it one night before playing a show, and what proceeded was a bunch of very obscure in-jokes during the set. There are actually lots of those weird little things in the set. I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for bidding on the Ebay's really going to be a big help and we were amazed at how many people stepped up to bid on the items.

Auction For Charity On Ebay

It has indeed been a while since I have been able to blog on here, which upsets me as I would look forward to doing it everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, and about various subjects of varying levels of stupidity. But today, marking my return to the blogosphere (is that the term?) I have something a little more important, and while I've done a pretty conscious job of keeping my comic and the band separate, today I'm posting about an auction for a limited Umbrella Academy signed hardcover, with an inked sketch I did of Spaceboy. This auction is for a friend battling cancer and there

doing things different....

hello all, the bouncing souls are celebrating 20 years as a band this year. can you believe it? it feels like just yesterday i was sneaking out of my mom's house on a school night to go see them play at the pipeline with hambone. ah but alas the pipeline is gone, and i dont have school tomorrow ever again...but maniacal laughter is still one of my favorite records, and i still love when i can get hambone to drive me to shows so i can bully his radio.