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I'm actually crying what are they doing to us????!!!!!! I'm not okay!!!!


I haven't been able to calm down since the video was posted! Please let this be real everyone is so excited for it, it all makes sense so let's just do it! Killjoys never die

Warning :D

Guys we love you, but pls tell Gerard to remove that mustache :D Its not sassy at all.

I died

When I noticed they had uploaded on the channel I immediately clicked and my heart was racing. I was freaking out I kept thinking "is this a comeback?" Hoping and preying it was then I see the date and I swear I died inside and I was fangirling like never before. This is amazing MCR is back as MCRX and I've never been happier



it is currently 4 am here and I'm still shaking with anticipation. Why are they doing this to us???