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"Wet Paint"

So my day at school was really boring. But I have a kind of funny story.
When I got home all the doors in my house were painted. So me and my brother had it drilled into our heads not to touch any of the doors because the paint was still wet.
Later on today, it was time for dinner and we were called downstairs. I came down and went into the kitchen. My brother came in after me, and put one of his hands right on the door. So now there's a big handprint on our kitchen door and my brother's hand is still covered in white paint.


Hi everyone:) I'm kinda sad because my iPod has happened before, the thing is that it has like half battery and all of the sudden it dies, I connect it to my computer but it doesn't works :( I was wondering if someone knows how to fix it or what is happening with it ? Thanks :)
Also, how have you been?

The cold from Hell

Well as you can read from the title I have a bad Cold and am sick. It sucks cuz I'm congested as Fuck and coughing up my lungs. I think I got sick from either being around other people who might have been sick ( at Work) or from the Smoke from the forest fires here in Georgia.

Anyways I've found some old friends and shit on facebook but idk if any of them would be interested in talking to me anyways....

I'm still alive!

Tired af, but my heart is still beating and I'm still breathing~! <3

Spam Filter?

So I just spent ages trying to upload a blog but it won't let me cuz I triggered the spam filter somehow.
Whatever. I hope you had a nice weekend,