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MCR Have More Than 10 Songs Lost!

My Chemical Romance when are you going to publish the song Nine Volt Heart, Terror At The Circus and more unreleased songs??

wo-oah! what are the odds!?! Happy Anniversary to me!!!

I didn't even intend to come on today, but I just...was...bored?? "bored" really. I needed a distraction. Anyway, what ARE the odds that today is my one full year anniversary on this site!?! Well, I already did my thanks and recognitions last week, so I won't say much...honestly, I wish I could be more enthusiastic, but kindof going through a rough/sad/scary patch in my life right now...but trying to stay optimistic!!! Have some friends and my family is super supportive. <3

Guess there really isn't much more to say, just

Keep running!


Peter Pan

The story of a boy and and boys and a girl who plays a boy...,}...

(Also Gerard's role in the school play. Mine was Dorothy.)

Frerard: The Battle to Find the One

The story of how Frankie obviously feels that Gees gf hates him, and how utterly ridiculous that is...