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overreacting to losing hold on grip on reality

i'm older now.
that seems more like the end of a post than the beginning of one, not that i've ever been bothered by the way my posts are formulated.
i can feel myself scrambling to think of what to write for this. i'm practicing a bit of automatic writing and maybe, i'll leave this in and maybe i won't.
so i started practicing some healthy methods of coping recently. i started going to the gym late march/early april about. i've been doing a bit of yoga. and i'm reading a dbt self-help workbook for when i lose hold of the reins.

god, i know this will take time.

Sad news, but with positive message

omgsh! so idk if anyone else is old enough to know Chris Cornell or Soundgarden or Audioslave. (I'm not aiming to make a sad post, but if you haven't heard, we lost Chris Cornell to this world today.) It's sad news. It is. But I'm trying to uplift today. Sure we will miss this person, and will have sentiments for those left behind, but I just wanted to say

"I am not afraid to keep on living"

Folks, no matter what, remember those words. It's so easy to get caught up in things and people, but these don't last forever. However, the memories do remain. We need to be strong!

let's talk about mania

just watched a youtube video about manic episodes and its nothing like mine are. theirs was about being restless and productive. mine's very different from that. I wrote a list of ways to tell that I'm having a manic episode. they usally only last less than a day but i recetly was manic for a week when my meds were off. even if it's not the typical mania/hypo-mania, I still have the diagnosis. It's still valid. this is the video

Hyper activity
Laughing uncontrollably
Moving fast
Unsafe ideas/actions
hand tremor
Extra creative

Been awhile. What's up?

Hey everybody! I'm just missing my Rmy community. How's everyone doing??

That was exciting to see the whole gang reunite at the recent Frank concert no?? I feel like my life's complete now that I have finally seen them together, wish I was there, but it's still cool.

What else?? Oh, this week I celebrate my 2 year anniversary of loving this band. It's been super awesome getting to know the community. Keep running killjoys!



hey yall im new here