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W E L C O M E_

Today's mood: Bored

Today's favorite song: 'Cocoon' by Catfish and the Bottlemen

Today's read: 'V for Vendetta' by Alan Moore

The Story: Hola amigos. Today I have been off of college, so that means I could do nothing but eat halloween sweeties all day. Truly living the life. Anyhow, today I have been doing a little bit of music homework for college. This consisted of learning foreign and microtonal scales off by heart as well as continuing to compose my two song. These two songs have to be done by christmas so I am just taking it slow with the creating process.

I solemnly vow on this most auspicious day

that I will stop reading stupid ppl posts soley for the purpose of revenge by entertainment value. I am a functional information junkie. Hello everyone. I have given myself the worst kind of pains to alleviate the need to humiliate ppl, and most of the stuff I dont even share so it is a useless endeavor. Im not even getting off on it. I quit.
Fuck you social media, I never used to be this way until you ruined everyones lives.

And on and on :)

Akai love you seen on the the rue de roi

Another Chapter in the Book of Life

My half brother's mom used to play this game where he would draw a shape, then she would draw a shape. The game was over when they had filled the whole page with shapes. When he was 19, he realized she was teaching him to look at the bigger picture.
The other day I stepped back. I realized that there are some people that do care about me. One of those people is Ben. He knows everything about me. It is like he has gone through everything with me. And even though he knows everything, he is in love with me.
We were in the library, where most of our lives happen, and he did it.