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In resi... again

Hey guys
I'm at resi. again. third time in resi. But whatever. I knew I'd end up here, I was doing so bad. As of today, I;ve been here for a week.
Applying to art schools now. It's the first thing that's ever gotten me excited for college, the potential of doing art for life. So I'll go with it :)
I can't blog much right now, because the program's desktop computer is broken :( but I can blog from my personal computer during the two hour school block if I finish all my work.
My parents and I have made a deal. If I eat ALL my food for a whole day, I earn prizes. These prizes include:
- getting


Today was kinda uneventful. I have to get back into the habit of waking up early for school, now that the Halloween break is over. So I woke up around 7 and walked to school, which takes about 40 minutes. It seems like a long walk but I don't really mind. Most of the time the best part of my day is listening to music while walking to school.
Oh I live in Ireland, and I go to an all Irish school, which means that we have to speak Irish constantly, and anyone caught speaking English is punished. It's sort of annoying.
School was really boring today, as usual.
And it started lashing raining on


Now that I have your attention, let me tell you one thing. You had one choice at birth. Believe the lie, or believe the truth. The truth is evident. It really needs no explanation other than enjoyment. The lie is obvious. The lies your parents told you are the same lies as society told you are the same lies that the gov't told you. Your belief in the lies is evident by your attire.
I am calling a search and destroy for Nazis, including the youth.
There was once a war on queen st, le rue de roi.


I haven't been on for a while but I am still around. I bought the galaxy electro-acoustic guitar a few posts back, I also got the MCRX CD bundle; I'm still at a loss for what to do with the flag, it's too big! I also passed my driving test on the 8th September. I saw Bastille with my friend in Nottingham last weekend, we also bought the first and second issues of Doom Patrol, it's awesome, go read it. I got my lip pierced, spider bites, my mum was not impressed.

Helllo :)

So, I'm kinda new here..... But I wanted to say hi, because I'm probably gonna be on here a lot. My name is Aria, and I am obsessed with bands (like a lot of you). So, yea!