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Hello my name is Pamala I am 16 years old. I am going through a rough time March just has not been my month. I have nowhere else to go. I feel as if no one cares about my feelings or just what I have to say all around. I know a lot of people will not read this but I need to let this all out. On March 6th I got a call my friend committed suicide. At that point I broke. I just wanted to get fucked up. It killed me. I didn’t know still don’t know how to handle this.


Uh, hi! I thought I should try to do this because I am seeing if this would work. So if any of you see this can you comment so I know this worked? That would be much appreciated, thanks.


Are any killjoys on here from the greater boston area? (acton, concord, etc)?
Just wondering :D

Aye people

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Okay so i heard kind of rumors about MCR getting back together..... IS it TRue?!?!?! someone please tell so i can stop having A PANIC ATTACK??!?!?!?!!