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Vegetarian attempt No# 872345167191982416

Hello meat eaters and plant munchers. Today i want to tell you a story about something that actually happened today. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for the support.

Let us begin.

Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Pork... These are all things that i love to eat, however I do very much love animals and hate the fact that I eat them .. Weird huh. Well, since I am quite the outcast already I would try (yet again) to become vegetarian.

For breakfast, I ate some delightful porridge accompanied by the most grand cup of coffee. The day was going swell.

Mcr merch and fangirling

So today was an eventful day! Well, not really. I never do much with my life but anyway my 2 best friends from school came to my house today and one of them surprised me with an MCR T-shirt which is my first one so it's really exciting! It's got the text and logo of My Chemical Romance in capital letters and it's a Black Parade T-shirt which is really cool because that's one of my fav albums! My other best friend surprised me with a friendship bracelet which is so cool! We spent the day fangirling, talking about anime and Frerard and also watched Harry Potter.

I'm now going to my dad's and

Emo piano

So for my performance tonight I've decided to do WTTBP all on the piano... I'm trash lol over 50 people will be there to hear my emo melody... Wish me luck...

Spring break, piano recitals, and thievery

so spring break starts tomorrow so I'm hype. That's pretty much the only thing good about today... lol I have piano recitals today after school other then that my day sucks like my backpack was stolen this morning, security found it in the upstairs male bathroom with everything everywhere... My phone was stolen... And so was my homework... And my dignity...

Sorry I haven't been on

Sorry I haven't been on here... I have no internet at home and I got my phone taken away so I haven't been able to.