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Hey! How's everyone doing?
I wanna say thank you to everyone who gave me advice on my last post, it was really helpful, I talked to my friend and we sorted everything out :)
Today after school me and a bunch of family members went out for dinner in a restaurant. The food was great and I had this death by chocolate thing for dessert. It was delicious.
This blog is kinda short but that's pretty much all that happened today.

Happy Holidays and stuff

Well the holidays are approaching very fast.

So I hope whatever you celebrate it goes well.

I'm doing good other than the fact that I'm sick.

But I wish I had some one special to spend the holidays with.

*Sigh* maybe one day?

Sorta New

Hello everyone! I am very new to the blogs here, I lost my old account information from a while back. I am literally so happy that with the help of MCR I am no longer depressed! YAY!

Losing The Feeling Of Feeling Unique

Things have changed. And yet I still feel the same, but completely different nonetheless. I guess that's just growing up really. I don't know. Anyways it's good to know the community is still alive :)