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MCR :)

Okay, so I know a ton of people are freaking out about this whole MCR getting back together thing, and tbh I'm pretty fricken hopeful too. But just because people on twitter and instagram are freaking out about it, that doesn't mean that anyone is getting back together, okay? Okay. MCR has changed my life. "If you love something, set if free"

I wish, but no

I'm sorry to say, but mcr is probably not going to get back together, sadly :( I wish they would, but they're not, so.

Are My Chem Getting Back Together?

No. Gerard posted on Facebook earlier (i think he deleted it, but i'm not sure) and it had basically said
"No, MCR isn't getting back together. There may be a point where we create music as non-individuals. Bob will be back if this happens, and Mikey will not. My brother not returning is the reason for the name-change. He thought of "My Chemical Romance", and without him, we wouldn't be MCR, and we wont be. But all of this is just talk so don't get your hopes up too high"
So there. it may not be a reunion of the coolest band ever, but something is definitely happening...


Ok so the internet says yes, frank says no. Whatisgoingonhere????


It would have been nice for MCR to get back together, but I wasn't going to get my hopes up too high. These rumors have been going on for so long now. I'll admit, I thought this time may have been different, but turns out it wasn't. Even though they aren't getting back together I won't let it get me down too much. I'll just continue to jam to their stuff and appreciate the time that we did have with them. ✌