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I preordered the cd bundle for MCRX and I was disappointed that I couldn't get the instant download of the single. I waited it out until now and I am still unable to download any of the digital downloads I purchased. My CDs and the flag arrived the other day and I have no issues with them, but I'd like to know how to download the music to my phone. Someone please help me!!!


emiy is probably my favourite mix from the mcrx. it's so raw and emotional. love it.

if anyone has the chords or tab anywhere i'd love to learn it!

It's been a week

They say the first week is the hardest part and now its over, or almost at least. Give it a few minutes then it'll be a week. (Three) Cheers to learning to forget (and sweet revenge)

The Office

Jim and Pam are the best people to exist. The office is one of the best shows ever in my opinion

lost my glasses

spent the night drinking.... went overboard for the first time in a year but im unhappy i lost my glasses :(