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Today is the day.

Please remember not to bash any of the boys or even bring it up really.. today means something to all of them, and that's for sure.

Killjoy Profile

I decided to make this today, in honor of "The Day"

[/Killjoy ID] Toxic Anarchy
[/Since] 2013
[/First Song] Teenagers/I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
[/Motto] Keep Running, Keep Fighting, and Carry on!
[/Colors] Onyx, Burgundy, Blood Red, and Shining White
[/Symbol] Large explosion with a toxic symbol overlapping and people fighting and running
[/Killjoy Song] Famous Last Words
[/Status] Hiding out in Battery City waiting to kick BLI's butt once and for all!

March 22, 2015

Today will be a rough day for some of us, but thank you, mcr, for all that you've given us. It has been a long two years.

Fighting For MCR

Its been two years since MCR decided to call it quits.
Two years since the band got ghosted by their own inner demons.
But don't fret killjoys, think about the future of the band, not the past.
Look up to the sky and yell "Thank you!" to our brothers in the emo sky.
Die with your mask on, no more waiting for the infinite sleep that the ray guns will bring upon you.

Thank you My Chemical Romance, I love you dearly.
~atomic boom


The day is here. Let's try not to look at this as a sad day but a day the we celebrate something that not only saved my life but saved the lives of so many others. I thank MCR everyday for what they have done for me. I would love for then to get back together but if they don't, don't get angry at the guys. Like Gerard said, MCR is over, but it can never die. Keep running killjoys <3