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So i just found out

that one of my summer courses isn't covered by a scholarship that i was told would cover everything..

A little backstory. At the beginning of last summer, I was given what was basically a scholarship that payed for up to 6 credits worth of classes. The only condition was that for that first summer I had to stay in the college dorms (which I found funny because 1) I hated all but like three people (and came out of it hating all but one person by the end of the school year) and 2) I lived literally 10 minutes from campus.

Here is a list of my favorite things in the world...

Thriller movies
Horror movies
Amazing music
Sad books
Counter strike
Kingdom Hearts
My Ps4
Ripped, black skinny jeans
My hair
The way I speak
Pictures from the 2005 world emo craze
Crying as I wasnt part of that craze
Wonder about how there are hardly anyone who dresses like me where I live
And of course All of you

RAndom guy on the internet, whilst riding a train with free wifi


That's it. I'm bored

my life atm

hey all!!!
So my life at the moment is work and day off and work some more. lol, not alot to it.
BUT i applied for a UK tv show called The Island with Bear Grylls. Not sure if you folk know of this show, but it is a survival one. they plonk a group of you on a island with nothing. and you have to survive, for a whole month. its pretty raw.
I really want to go on. i want to push my physical side and mental to. Not many people here know me, even though I've been on here longer than the majority but my mental state hasn't been stable over the yrs, lol.


I wanted to post something this week but I really don't have anything to say! Saw Civil War which I loved and I also FUCKING LOVED TATINOF! I don't want to spoil either of them though so I won't say anything. Went to the Toronto Science Center today which was pretty cool, then we drove home and I finished my English project. Other than that, nothing to say. Movie was great, show was great, and things with my significant other have been great.