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Hello i'm new to this site and i'm just looking for other people to talk about music with soooo.... my favorite song is Hang em High as it's just fun to rock out to.

guess who's back? me.

hey, everyone, I haven't been on in forever. life has been absolutely crazy. I'm going to go see frank on April 28th in grand rapids, Michigan! is anyone going to that date as well? anyway i hope you have a good day random strangers!


Well with everything in the news about D.T. I quite just don't know what to say. I just feel like he's trying to start WW3.

Anyways other than that my therapist has made me start group therapy on wednesday nights.

Also my brother's wedding is coming up next week and I'm the best man for his wedding.

I am a little nervous about it; but I'm sure I'll be fine.

I will get to go to the beach too, from Monday to Friday after the wedding. So that'll be nice.

But on the other side of everything fun and good there is the bad, my work hasn't given me any hours in 2 1/2 weeks so I'm kinda bummed

Milk Fic

Hey if one of you killjoys would be kind enough to post the milk fic on this so I can read it in class and for easy access :)) thanks sm, dont ask questions, for your sake

The darkest night

Hello everyone it's been a while…

There's reasons for that one of them is that I've been busy with life and didn't have anything to say,the other is hard for me to say but it needs to be said… A year ago today I attempted to take my own life (not going into details as to how). I sent my note to chpeverill-conti (aka Z) by email just before doing it, I then spent the next hour or so panicking before being smart and calling for help (I also panicked for an hour before debating whether or not to call one of my best friends Dena to talk me out of it). So I take an ambulance ride to the emergency